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Psychic Counselor's Handbook

     by Ralph D. Jordan

Psychic Counselors's Handbook, Ethics, Tools and Techniques Preview Contents
Part One: BASICS
What are Ethics?  click on links to preview page
The Spiritual Self and the Pie
The Self and the Pie
Everything is Information
Information and Opportunity versus Punishment
The Higher Self Leads Us to the Solution
When Do We Share Information?
Neutrality versus Sympathy, Empathy, Pity
Predictions of Death, Disaster, and Character Assassination
Twelve Golden Rules of Psychic Counseling
Day-to-Day Ethics
When Old Associations Die
Life Will Present Us Our Options
The Client's Power to Change Any Prophecy
I Have No Vested Personal Interest
Student / Teacher Relationship
On Death and Dying
My Ethics of Prayer for the dying Person
The Law of Attraction at Work
Clarity of Channel
Choice of Terminology
The Concept of Possession
God in Everything
Clients' Motivations
We Have a Choice
Purpose and Intent
Counseling and Therapy
Part Two: Techniques, Tools, and Attitudes
Administering Appointments
Beginning a Counseling Session
Concluding a Counseling Session
The Counselor's Attitude Before Counseling
In Between Clients
Reincarnation, Karma, Dharma
When a Client Makes Improper Sexual Advances
Recharging our Energies
Active Listening without Investment
I'm Okay, You're Okay, Let's Communicate-Active Listening ..
The Law of Non-Judgment
Love - Light of Vital Energy
Stimulation through Love and Anger
Tools for Healing and Rebalancing
Using Colors
Absent Hearing
Being the Prophet, the Medium, the Healer
Autobiographies and Biographies
Application of Transactional Analysis
Jewels and Clothing
Aura Reading
Exercises to Learn to Read the Aura
Gut Reaction
Releasing Attachment to Clients, People, and Situations
An Exercise for Detachment
Tools and Techniques in General
I Am Unified and All Together
Part Three: Pitfalls
While Being a Listener
Empathy, Sympathy, and Pity
Whose Job Is It to Alter and Expand Our Worlds?
Superiority and Responsibility
How is the Client Using His Illness?
When I Cannot Give the Client What He Seeks
Being the Perennial Student
   Emulation versus Expression; Teaching versus Doing
Wanting to Impress the Client
Anticipating What the Client Is Going to Ask You
Giving Counseling Blind
Making Predictions
Alternate Signposts and Options
Seeking a Client's Approval
Wanting to Accomplish a Goal
Identifying Our Own Lessons
Wanting Bystanders to Be Impressed
Identification versus Recognition
Part Four: Seeker / Teacher Dialogues
Seeker / Teacher Dialogues
Frequently Asked Questions
A. Members of the Hierarchy
B. Acknowledgment Of A Seeker
C. Testimonies
About the Author
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