Charlotte Accountants Is Ready to Help Your Small Business

Charlotte Accountants Is Ready to Help Your Small Business

If you are looking for a professional, trustworthy, and affordable business accounting firm to handle your Charlotte accounting needs, I have located the right one for you. Jim Coughlin is an accountant with 25 years of experience and is one of Charlotte’s oldest established accountants. He has created his own company, “NC Accounting & Bookkeeping”, in Charlotte North Carolina. His services include management of accounts, bookkeeping, budgeting, and financial consulting.

Many Charlotte business owners think bookkeeping and accounting services are the same thing, and they are not. In fact, there are some differences between the two. Bookkeeping is strictly data-based, where accounting services deal with the actual management of those figures. Accountants will create daily reports and financial statements for a business owner, whereas bookkeepers may create monthly reports and daily or monthly newsletters.

Some of the services offered by Charlotte accountants include: small business accounting services (which may also include tax preparation and filing), payroll, marketing, real estate assets and liabilities, human resources, and professional indemnity insurance. If you are considering a new small business start up, seek the advice of a Charlotte accountant today. A good accountant can not only make you aware of the ins and outs of your business, but he/she can also help you navigate the complex tax laws that many small businesses are required to abide by. By hiring a solid Charlotte accounting firm to handle all of your accounting needs, you will save time, money, and headaches down the road. So many times entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t think about taxes, and the resulting consequences, until it’s too late.


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